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Hello my friends,

Those of you who have been following my work know that my interest in ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communication) started out in 2016 by exploring EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and eventually evolved into recording trans-images. I’m extremely fascinated with ITC in general. The very idea that we can make the inaudible audible and the invisible visable is just too much!!! I have so many images to share with you and am recording new ones every few days. These first two are probably my best to date. Both were procured by the use of steam, lights, some bubble pack (on the first one) and the video camera on my iPhone. I will keep adding images as time allows and in time I hope to post some images that some of you may recognize. For now, I present you with my two favorites to date.

This image of my son Danny came through in September of 2020
I believe this may be my healer and guide Mr. Harry Edwards when he was a young ma

I started out recording Trans-images by video recording the reflection of light on my glasses

Using my iPhone to record the light images on my glasses

Here are a few trans-images procured from using the reflection on my glasses

I believe this last image is a dog’s fac
This looks like my dog Genevieve

Then I tried using steam and colored lights

Does this young man look familiar to anyone?
This is very faint but it looks a lot like Danny

Now I am experimenting with light on reflective cloth

face on reflective cloth
Face on reflective cloth

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